S.H.GOREN Management & Innovation LTD


S.H.GOREN Management & Innovation LTD (SHG) specializes in providing full solutions using advanced technologies in the fields of firefighting and safety.

Our products have a proven experience and successes, and they are used daily all over the world. We pay attention not only to the product quality, but also to the users safety and the environment. Even more, we are active in initiatory projects of developing new systems and solution to the market worldwide.

SHG is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

The Technology

The technology our systems are based on belongs to the family of Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS). Unlike traditional CAFS systems, our systems are completely self-contained and do not require fixed water supply, electricity or air pressure from an external source. In addition, the systems do not contain any mechanical component and therefore are very reliable and easy to operate and maintain.

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Our systems are the leading solution for the immediate treatment of various types of fires.

Under the four principles - power, efficiency, mobility and simplicity!
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