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One of the challenges facing the Search & Rescue forces is reaching car accidents in the middle of city roads and highways that create traffic jams, blocking all the way for passage of standard emergency vehicles.

In order to provide a quality solution for this problem, which will be capable of high mobility and high firefighting capability, we have designed a powerful kit to install on common motorcycles.
The firefighting & rescue motorcycle is particularly effective in emergencies occurring on highways, but also in large cities and in open areas.

Although it contains a smaller amount of firefighting agent, it is capable to handle medium fires effectively and quickly even when having fuel, tires and other materials burning.

The emergency kit for the firefighting motorcycle includes independent firefighting system, integrated extraction tool and auxiliary equipment.
Depending on the type and size of the motorcycle, additional equipment can be installed.

tab_icon1 Pressure Vessel Capacity: 2 * 3 U.S. Gallons (custom design tank also available)
tab_icon1 Finished Foam Capacity: Up to 120 U.S. Gallons
tab_icon2 Discharge range: Up to 15 meter
tab_icon3 Re-fill Duration: Up to 3 Minute
tab_icon4 Types of fires: Class A, B, D (metals), K (kitchens), C (only with designated agent)
Additional Equipment
Discharge hose:
Discharge Nozzle Tip:  15 meters rubber hose + hose reel
Propellant Cylinder Capacity: Straight Bore or Spray
Control & gauges box:  3 liter air Cylinder @ 300 bar DOT certifie
Rescue tool: High and low pressure gauges + emergency relief valve
Communication: Komby tool (customer preference)
Lights and Siren  by customer
Operating tool kit

Our systems are the leading solution for the immediate treatment of various types of fires.

Under the four principles - power, efficiency, mobility and simplicity!
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