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One of the challenges facing the Search & Rescue forces is reaching remote areas, isolated or areas that their access roads are damaged. The ability of conventional fire and rescue vehicles to pass obstacles and terrain is very limited.

In order to provide a quality solution to this problem, which will be capable of high mobility and accessibility combined with high firefighting capability and effectiveness, we have developed in our company an emergency vehicle – Emergency Rescue TOMCAR.

Based on the familiar TOMCAR vehicle platform, which is used worldwide around security agencies, military and many industries, we performed integration between our firefighting & rescue systems and the vehicle.

The weight carrying capability and the mobility of the TOMCAR along with our unique firefighting systems output and extinguishing capability are force-multiplier in terms of immediate response to emergencies.

The Vehicle is design according to the customer needs – lighting systems, radios, navigation, modular compartments for accumulating various equipment types according to the operatorיs needs.

10, 30, 60 or 120 U.S Gallons ENFORCER CAFS skid unit
Hoses + monitor
Rescue tools
PPEיs for crew
SCBA + on board breathing system for crew cabin
Stretcher and first aid kit
Vehicle fire shelter
Communication and navigation devices
Operating tool set
Modular Utility boxes for professional teams such as:
 Forest fire kit
 Flood/water rescue kit
Earth quack kit
Tunnel/train fire kit

Our systems are the leading solution for the immediate treatment of various types of fires.

Under the four principles - power, efficiency, mobility and simplicity!
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