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Back Pack Plus (BPP) System is a personal system consisting of advanced CAFS unit for decontamination or firefighting purposes and complete respiratory systems. The system is designed for first response teams and allows operation even under extreme fire or hazmat conditions.
The system has a very high extinguishing capacity and enables the user to pave him a safe passing route in and out the burning area while acting to rescue victims in the scenario, at the same time. The respiratory system allows the user to breathe clean air even in confined spaces and around smoke or other types of toxins.

tab_icon1 Pressure Vessel Capacity:   3 U.S. Gallons
tab_icon1 Finished Foam Capacity: Up to 60 U.S. Gallons
tab_icon2 System dimensions: Height 70 cm, Width 55 cm, Depth 35 cm
tab_icon3 Firefighting side discharge Duration: Up to 1 Minute
tab_icon3 Re-fill Duration: Up to 3 Minute
tab_icon4 Types of fires: Class A, B, D (metals), K (kitchens), C (only with designated agent)
Decontamination & Firefighting System Specifications
Pressure Vessel Construction:  Stainless Steel
Pressure Vessel Dimensions: Height 62 cm, Width 23 cm, Depth 18 cm
Fill Inlet Diameter:  1”
Pressure gauges:  High pressure & operation pressure
Pressure relief: Emergency pressure relief valve
Pressure regulator:  Constant pressure type
Propellant Type: Nitrogen or Compressed Air
Hose Storage: Fixed Bracket on System Case
Discharge Nozzle Tip:  Heavy-duty pistol grip, Use by one hand, Straight Bore (standard) or
Spray (optional)
Respiratory system Specifications
Model: per customers request
Air tank pressure: up to 300 bar
Air tank size: up to 6.8 L (adjustable brackets)
Regulator: per SCBA model
Mask and LDV: per SCBA model
Standards: EN or NFPA
Backpack Specifications
Backpack: Orthopedic, a waist strap, back support, adjustable straps, grip handle
Frame structure: Aluminum 5052
External cover: CARMEL fireproof fabric, standards – EN532, EN367, EN366, EN373
Inner cover: 88 Cotton fabric, 12 Nylon Flame Retardant, standards – NFPA 70E LEVEL2, ASTM F1506
Buckles and connectors according to standard: NFPA 1971, NFPA 1975, NFPA 1977

Our systems are the leading solution for the immediate treatment of various types of fires.

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